Artful Styles, Inc. is your comprehensive resource for interior design. We have special expertise in the following areas and can help you realize the true potential of your environment.

Color Selection

The use of color transforms your home, reveals your personality and influences your mood. It is one of the simplest and greatest methods for expressing your unique style.

Space Planning

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your home is a new perspective on what you already have. You don’t always need new furniture and accessories; an experienced designer can increase the beauty and function of your home simply by rearranging existing materials.

Furniture Selection

A designer’s touch on the style, color, fabric, and texture of your furniture can create amazing results as you add furnishings to your home. Your true style can shine through each room — making you feel more at home than ever before.

Window Treatments/Fabric Selection

The texture and feel of materials in your home reveal the true expressions of style. Subtle touches can quickly transform the entire appearance of your home.


Every home has a unique light level that generates a wide range of atmospheres and moods. From bright and invigorating to calm and peaceful, proper lighting choices can add comfort and style to any space.


The choice of flooring dramatically enhances the look and feel of a room. With more attractive and practical options than ever before, it is easy to incorporate new selections into your next home decorating project.


Your home is a creative environment that highlights your passions and enhances your lifestyle. Selecting the perfect pieces to accentuate your design can be the inspiration for a truly beautiful space.


Artwork and photographs can add dramatic or subtle touches to your home décor. The frame selection can enhance the overall cohesiveness of your home’s design elements. There are thousands of choices for framing materials/color and Sara partners with experienced framers to help you choose the perfect combination for your home.

Home Staging

You want your home to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. A professionally designed home can bring balance and harmony to your environment through personal expression and functional design.

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“My goal is to help people see the true beauty and unlimited potential of their surroundings. I’ve found when an environment reflects a family’s true personality, it evokes a sense of peace and comfort within the home.”
~ Sara Steil Shuster